The silent gaze of Braco in Zurich

The bestselling author Paulo Coelho said the following in the documentary film about Braco, “The Power of Silence”: “Charisma is a quality that one possesses, that one radiates.

Whether it is Braco’s charisma or something else that helps people through Braco, many discuss it. Some scientists believe that Braco has specially developed brain structures that allow him to dwell in a new consciousness. However, others simply say that he has a special and rare gift to help people.

Croatian scientists like Prof. Dr. Vladimir Gruden and Prof. Dr. Vladimir Paar say that Braco emits waves that can have a strong positive effect on people.

Swiss Prof. Dr. Alexander Schneider invited Braco to the prestigious Basel PSI Days World Congress for Spiritual Healing a few years ago because he recognized that Braco is extraordinary and can help many people.

Experience Braco’s gaze live at the Volkshaus in Zurich!

Visitors of Braco events report improvements in their life situations, often the dissolution of stressful situations and physical and emotional discomfort that burden our thoughts and hearts.

Here you can find more testimonials.

If you come to the Volkshaus Zurich to see Braco live and experience his gaze, your life may start to change. At the live event, visitors share their own experiences, improvements in health, partnerships, work life, and more. It should be emphasized that Braco does not label himself as a healer. Therefore, you should always listen to medical advice as well.

Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes. At the beginning, there is a short introduction and video, followed by Braco coming on stage and giving his silent gaze, which has already helped many people on various continents over the past 28 years. Seize the opportunity and be a part of it.


Braco is seen as one of the most influential healers in Europe, although he does not see himself as a healer. Braco offers people his silent gaze. In 2012, he was awarded the Peace Pole at the United Nations Community Event in New York.

Among others, Naomi Campbell, Donna Karan, actor Matt Bomer, the Prince of Ubud in Bali, actor Armand Assante, Joseph Cinque from AAHS in NYC, Ciro Orsini, bestselling author Laura Esquivel, Swami dev Murti, author William Kotzwinkle, Prof. Dr. William Tiller, Dr. Stanislav O’Jack, Dr. Michael Beckwith, and more have experienced Braco’s gaze.

Braco has traveled to the United States (41 cities), Russia, Japan, Israel, Australia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and most European countries: Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Slovenia, Hungary, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bosnia, North Macedonia, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and others.

Are you ready for an extraordinary experience?

Meeting a very special person


Saturday, June 15th 2024


from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, starting at every full hour.


Volkshaus Zurich (weißer Saal), Stauffacherstrasse 60, Zurich


Tickets CHF 20, available online and on-site.

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**The event is not associated with any specific religion or philosophy. It is not a substitute for medical help or therapy, and it is intended for visitors who are 18 years and older, as well as pregnant women up to and including the third month.


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Fischerstrasse 15a
78464 Konstanz

NEW! The sun symbol as a candle

Please translate to English: These candles in the shape of the golden symbol of the sun are lovingly handcrafted. The candle is available in various sizes.

Every candle is unique.

You can light this candle to reconnect with the cozy atmosphere of what you have experienced through Braco.